Friday, November 6, 2009

Something lost

I found this today in my computer, something I wrote long back, hidden somewhere along with lots of crap that somehow I can't get myself to delete. Ironic, how my mood today is just opposite to that of what i wrote.

I drove all day long

And through the night

To find you amidst

The crown and the neon light

I searched every city, every town

On this highway of life

But you weren’t there

Through the desert of loneliness

Facing the scorching heat

I was searching madly for

Some signs of the marks of your feet

Because you were water

For this thirsty, dying soul

But you weren’t there.

I though I saw you and so I

Stopped and the earth stood still

I wanted to hold on to you

Till I had my heart’s fill

But you had disappeared

You were only an illusion,

A mirage in this desert

I climbed the peaks of success

I thought I’d find you there

The ecstasy of meeting you

Was more than I could bear

But all I found was

Loneliness, more loneliness

Again, you weren’t there

I swam through the

Blue oceans of love

Wishing to find you in

Its frightening depths

But I found only pain

I was so disappointed

For you were not there

I was heartbroken

Bewildered and lost

I couldn’t have what

I desired the most

I cried till my heart ached

Suddenly I heard soothing words

From within my heart

I realized it was you,

Had been with me all along

Blinded by misery

I failed to listen to my heart’s song

Today I feel a new sun

For I have found you, happiness !

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