Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Living Dreams

Living dreams

In the cages of my mind
There sleeps many a dream
Bound by destiny
Never saying die
I feed them with desire
And large bouts of hope
That they will fly one day
Because dreams live too

In the depths of my heart
Many a dream has been shattered
By the cruel hands of fate
They have been throttled,
Beaten and crushed
But still they survive
I am still alive today
Because some dreams thrive too

At the edge of the abyss
My dreams are standing
Preparing for flight
Filled with excitement
Waiting for their release
From the bondages
Of destiny and fate,
Because dreams can fly too


Devika said...

a very nice piece...well envisaged!

jmd said...

Well said....Dreams are for what we live on.

jmd said...

Well said.....We live on our dreams, to persue them. We won't have any more thing to do in life if we do not have dreams.