Sunday, July 27, 2008

Morning and mourning in Ahmedabad

I had never really liked the Ahmedabad weather. After living in Surat the most of my life, I cursed the mind-freezing cold in the winter, the torturous heat of the summer and this year, I was waiting anxiously for the evasive rain to cool my spirit like the rest of the residents of this city. I hated how the streets would get water logged and the endless stream of traffic on the roads. I constantly criticized how the streets were dug up just before the monsoons. I did not like the constant money minding attitude of the people. I used to argue about which city is better with my Amdavadi friends. My loyalty to Surat would always triumph in the end and I would defend it with all my heart.

Today, I am not in the mood to criticize, or to berate, or even say one single word against this city. But yes, I am angry, at the people who planned the blasts in the city that has grown over me in the past three years. I am angry at the people who dared to attack my people. These terrorist outfits have threatened both Ahmedabad and Surat, cities I am attached to. I only hope and pray that Surat does not suffer the same fate as Ahmedabad.

Violence is never the solution of any problem. It is time everybody (Both Hindus and Muslims) realized that.

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