Monday, December 3, 2007

Seven Habits Of Highly Annoying Small Sisters

When I was a little girl, I used to pray to God to give me a brother or sister. At that same time, God happened to have a spare baby and so gifted her to me. Its been 12 years since she came into this world and my life's turned upside down. What is it with smaller sisters and their habits which make you SCREAM !

Seven Habits Of Highly Annoying Smaller Sisters

1. They always have to turn on the air-conditioner even when they know it makes you sneeze continuously for fifteen minutes.

2. They steal your clothes which mysteriously never seem to fit you afterwards.

3. They would die if they didn't completely read your diary .

4. They spill its contents in front of the girl you hate most.

5. They always have to listen to loud music when you're talking on the phone and shout at you when you listen to loud music.

6. They keep ringing the doorbell till you open the door.

7. They add you on Orkut so that they can read all your scraps.


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Dhwani said...

That's What Sisters Do.
"Seven Highly Effective Ideas To Annoy Sisters" :P

(P.S : It's Important to know what's going on in your sister's mind, That's Why We gotta read diaries. It's Called being CONCERNED :D )