Saturday, December 29, 2012


Yes, I am free
To roam around
Watch movies
Have a milkshake in the cafe
As long as I come back before
The sun sets

Yes, I am free
To wear whatever I want
Whenever I want
As long as it does not
 Show parts of me
Which make me a woman

Yes, I am free
To learn
As much as I can
About the world and the universe
To get an education
As long as it’s just a hobby

Yes, I am free
To give birth
House it in my womb
And raise a child
As long as it’s a boy

Yes, I am free
To care about someone
Spread joy
Make love
As long as it’s somebody
My parents chose

Yes, I am free
To have a bloody mary
Smoke a cigarette
Dance the night away
As long as I am okay with
Being called a slut.

Shame on my freedom.

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