Saturday, April 11, 2009

Last days in Ahmedabad...

Why is it that only when things or people start going away from you that you realize their importance in life ?

The final semester of my engineering is soon going to end and I will be going away soon from Ahmedabad and suddenly I feel as if I want to go to hundreds of places before I leave this city.I look back and wonder how these four years went by without me knowing. I feel as if I didn't even experience 10 percent of what is Ahmedabad. And now I am in a hurry to go to all those places and do all of those things that I never did. I just don't feel like working on that awful final training report which was due a long time back. Screw exams and report and final presentations !

Actually, I made a list sometime ago of places to visit (in and around Ahmedabad) and I have managed to strike off some few places. Working on adding more and striking them off. Will be uploading pictures and other stuff soon.

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