Friday, May 16, 2008

Talking to the Waves

‘I wish I were a star. In life, I would sparkle as best as a star can in a purple night but when my end is near, I shall travel throughout the universe, one last time and then drop down to the earth as a shooting star. At least some other girl would get a chance to make a wish on me and find that her wish came true. At least someone will want me then.’

The moon wondered why the girl came often to this beach on lonely nights like these. It was really puzzling, the way she talks to the waves. But then, the moon knew from experience what loneliness meant. All the stars sparkled in clusters but he was the only one alone. Somehow he understood the girl.

‘Sometimes I just want to break free, ‘she said, ‘of all bondages and live as I want to, live life my way. But in the end, I feel so helpless, so trapped. The same routine everyday. I just can’t seem to get out of it!’

It was ironic, thought the waves. Fancy talking about freedom to them who themselves couldn’t break free. Even when they reach the shore, they have to go back to the sea. How could they sympathise with her?
The girl sighed as if she seemed to understand what the waves felt.

‘I feel so lonely and sad-so empty inside. It’s as if life is an endless search….a search for reasons to find happiness. When you really want something, you never get it.’

The wind smiled as he listened to the girl. Indeed, life is an endless search…he had been searching for the horizon since ages but still the search continued.

‘I come here and I somehow feel glad. That, after all, there is a purpose behind life. You can never stick to the shore but still continue to sing your song. You find happiness in just trying to do so. Your friend, the moon, seems so lonely up there in the sky, but he finds happiness in the purple glow of the night and shines still. The wind still hasn’t found the horizon but he finds happiness in all the places he gets to see during his journey. One has to find happiness in small things rather than being miserable over a big thing which you cannot have. That seems to be the purpose of life. To teach you to look for happiness in yourself and wait for better things to come.’

The girl started walking away from the waves, towards the road. She had to go back to her life now, away from this tranquillity. It was getting late. She turned back to look at the moon one last time but in the moonlight, she noticed someone standing there. He must have heard every word she said, she thought. He was staring intently at her and had a dreamy look in his eyes which seemed to give her the knowledge that they were two of a kind and she blushed under his gaze.

The wind kept on his search. The moon still shined and the waves kept on trying to stick to the shore. The wind was oblivious to the fact that his search for the horizon has ended. The waves hadn’t realised that they had reached the shore and the moon had no idea that the pole star was keeping him company.


Cookyjar said...

Loved your post ...

Cookyjar said...

Loved your post ...