Monday, March 24, 2008

Walk The Talk

I wrote this for Graffiti Times (A wall magazine that we have in my deptt at college) and all my friends liked it so I felt that I should probably post it here. I hope that it will leave an impression on you and inspire you to do something about things. If it does then please do leave a comment. I'll be really glad to know what you have to say.


Newspapers and television programs speak out about a myriad of issues. People across the globe, in your own country, your own town or locality, are suffering or have been a victim of some or the other social evil, whether it is female infanticide, poverty, communalism, sexual harassment, unemployment, corruption or anything else. We feel strongly about a lot of issues but when have we ever expressed our opinions so that the whole world could hear about it? It’s a sad world in which we live where passersby ignore the atrocities happening in front of them on the streets.

Yeah right, we are all busy people. We do not have the time to devote for something that could change things in the society. Why not just be selfish and think about ways to spend time in something which will make us earn more money? Why should you spend your time on something which will not benefit you and only you? We have a million excuses about why we don’t have the resources to do something instead of just talking about it. But isn’t it amazing how we can always manage to find time to see a movie every weekend, go on a holiday every six months and dance the night away at a party?

Today, take a moment in introspecting yourself and make a choice. What do you want to do? Do you want to keep on being satisfied with the wrongs that happen in YOUR country or do something about it?

Take advantage of the freedom that is the result of the sacrifice of hundreds of people who died to secure independence for us. You have the right to question and do something positive. Just for today, try to do something meaningful. Doing well does not mean donating thousands of rupees to some organization. Sometimes we can initiate a change through small things. Just for today, teach your maid the alphabet. Help that old lady cross the street. Stop your friend from ogling at a girl and making vulgar comments at her. Discourage another from smoking dozens of cigarettes a day. Raise your voice against something unfair. Speak about things that matter by writing to newspapers and express your opinion instead of remaining quiet. Just for this day, don’t throw the chocolate wrapper on the road. Switch off the lights whenever you leave the laboratory or classroom. Wear the helmet and snap on the seat belts. Demand to know why the shopkeeper is selling something at a price higher than the MRP. Register a complaint if you find something unfair is happening instead of keeping quiet about it.

For once, try to picture yourself in the place of that street urchin who’s trying to salvage some food from the Municipality dustbin. Think about the small boy who is selling tea in the train and wants desperately to go to college like you too. Imagine yourself to be the father whose daughter was burnt alive because she didn’t bring enough money in her dowry. Place yourself in the shoes of the beggar who never had an education and cannot earn. Think about the birds which will end up wounded or worse, dead on Sankranti, when you play with kites. Feel the pain that a tigress feels when her mate is hunted down by poachers for its skin to make fashionable rugs and coats. Try to feel the ache of social ostracism and personal violation that a victim of rape feels after the dirty deed is done. Place yourself in the heart of the mother who had to abort the tiny infant in her womb because it was a girl. Think about the child who has problems in learning things due to dyslexia and no one understands him. Imagine that a family member was murdered and the police didn’t do anything to convict the murderer because he happened to be the son of a high profile politician.

Today, think about the issues which you care about and have touched some strings in your heart. Decide what matters to you. Do what you always wanted to do TODAY for now, there is no past. There is only the PRESENT and the FUTURE. Just see the difference that you can make. Yes, YOU really can kick off a chain of events that could trigger a revolution of change that the country desperately needs. So have you decided? Are you going to continue to be a coward and ignore what is happening around you? Or are you ready to step forward to make a difference?


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